Kymen Sanomat goes Kotka-lava

Activities, contests, dance shows, music – you name it! With mainly local performers and no entrance fee, this stage is always a Meripäivät favourite.  Kotka-lava is located in the town centre, at the market square.

No age restrictions during the day but from 9pm onwards Kotka-lava is 18+.



15:00-15:15 – Juha Vainion Rahaston tunnustuspalkinnon 2019 julkistaminen

The receiver of the annual Juha Vainio Fund Award is announced.

16:00-16:45 (live music) – Bandbox

approx. 19:00 Meripäivät Opening Ceremony (begins right after the opening parade)

19:15-20:00 (live music) – JTG

20:30-21.15 (live music) – Toto tribute

21:30-22:15 (live music) – HERO


13:00-13:30 (live music) – Duo Kukouri

13:45-14:30 (live music) – Minä ja Nieminen

15:00-16:00 (live music) – Flangers

16:30-17:15 (live music) – Duo Emma & Luukas

17:15-18:00 (contest) – Ilmarakastamisen SM-kisat

Love is definitely in the air!

You can be the first to win the Finnish Championships in ´Ilmarakastaminen´. The idea here is similar to Air Guitar except that we are replacing the ´Guitar´ with ’Love’ and are looking for the best ways to express love. You can join by sending us an email at by July 19th.  Sign up and show us how you express love!

18:30-19:15 (live music) – Tri Tolvanen & Rootsinkeksijät

20:00-21:00 (live music) – Likat lavalla goes Junnumania

21:15-21:45 (dance show) – Tanssiryhmä Cougars: Uudet tuulet – kuumat puumat

A Show Dance Group

22:00-24:00 (live music) – Korkkarit kattoon (2 x 45 min)


13:00-13:45 (activity) – Quiz time!

The theme of the quiz is 140-year-old Kotka (Language: Finnish)

14:00-14:15 (dance show) – Kymen flamenco ry

Flamenco dance show

14:30-15:15 (activity) – Beer and sparkling wine yoga

No previous experience needed! Yoga is free but drink (whether it is beer, wine or something else) must be bought from Bar & Cafe Paussi.

(Language: Finnish)

15:30-16:30 (activity) – Wine tasting

You can buy your wine tasting set at the venue before the activity. (Language: Finnish)

17:00-17:45 (live music) – Eagle City Duo

18:00-18:15 (dance show) – Oriental Halo ja Sal’ata itämaisen tanssin ryhmät

Oriental dancing

18:45-19:45 (live music) – Alli Varpu

20:30-21:15 (live music) – Mutalahti

22:00-24:00 (live music) – Kuokkavieraat (2 x 35-40 min)


Host: Pia Lunkka